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‘History is admirably dangerous. It is not the soft option.
Teachers need to be grown up and brave. Sensitivity is fine, but it stops at the door of honest narrative’ , Simon Schama



We currently offer three main programmes of work:




1: 'B-Spoke' aimed at providing professional mentoring support primarily to individuals who are deemed to be difficult to engage and high risk and will probably be identified as in need of specific support services. We offer this service primarily on a 1-1 basis, and deliver intervention and support to people of all ages. Most of our work these days sits around adults and those who have offended in a persistent and/or serious way. However, we also undertake work with young people on the edges of serious criminality and at risk of engaging in high risk lifestyles. We apply some key approaches to this work in support of our core principles but also to humanise what we do.


 - Engage with the person not the offence

 - Look past the past… it’s where it belongs

 - Persistency is key

 - Consistency really matters

 - Always work in partnership



2: 1-1 & group work interventions - in partnership with Coventry University, we deliver the 'Building Positive Futures' programme (BPF). This is aimed at utilising personal solutions based therapy techniques towards initiating behavioural change either in a 1-1 or small group setting (usually no more than 5); the standard programme of work lasts around 11-12 weeks and is best delivered with both service user and family engaged in the process. Currently we deliver this work in custody (The Genus Project) and the community with people of all ages. Personal Solutions therapy techniques, and the programme, are based around focusing on what works for the individual in terms of achieving their best outcomes and developing their skills in behaviours which are successful. It's all about small, incremental change and focusing on the 'what works' rather than other forms of approaches or programmes which tend to be very long and focus on looking back and trying to either repair what's happened or look in-depth at who has done wrong and why etc. before looking to trial out new ways of dealing with life and it's challenges. By comparison, the BPF programme is written around evidenced based research, very positive, forward thinking and focused on what is possible for the people involved and what works.


The work we mostly undertake, utilising BPF, looks at and assists work on domestic abuse, high risk offences, persistent behaviours which create risk and vulnerability and in turn the impacts these have on the family and relationships.


As of May 2020, we also deliver the Rockpool ACEs Recovery Toolkit for Adults and Young People and are working on developing and accredited learning version at this time as part of a working relationship with the national training consultancy.


Adverse Childhood Experiences work in this field is so important on many levels as the ex-offender and prison population is overtly represented in all research in the field and we believe it a key building block for cessation of cycles of damaging behaviours and life experiences and in simple form, enabling people to see there is a different way to live life and taking control of that is possible. 



3: The Via Learning Centre  - NCFE Accredited and Certified Training (Approved Centre no: 8466009) we offer a range of training aimed at providing a basic skill set for people wanting to engage in Mentoring or those seeking level 1 and 2 training  in areas such as Conflict Management. We offer professional training to organisations, such as risk management and engaging with high risk service users and offence disclosure support too.


Through our work with adult prisoners and ex-offenders, we also deliver regular accredited training in custody and the community around conflict management and a workbook version of our Building Positive Futures programme.


Please see the 'Training - The Via Learning Centre' page for more detailed information.



Please contact us should you require any further information on the above.



An overview of our current and recent work and our representative activity:


Mentoring West Midlands - current:



Walsall Talent Match Hub, as of April 2019 we take over the contract for three years of delivery for the second phase of Talent Match Black Country's Walsall programme.


Talent Match on their preferred supplier network provider of services to young adults in need of intense 1-1 mentoring and support, and small group work, to aid their journey towards work and training. We also provide professional training and development to staff. 




West Midlands Police, Coventry Offender Management Unit, working 1-1 with high risk SAC offenders, funded via the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner)




Coventry Community Safety Partnership, working 1-1 with high risk domestic violence perpetrators (funded by the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioners Community Safety Fund, via Coventry Community Safety Partnership)





Mentoring East Midlands, current - (Including delivery in the East Midlands, Yorkshire & Humber and North East regions):


This project is part funded by the European Social Fund



APM - provision of 'end to end', holistic 1-1 professional mentoring support, and small group interventions, to various high risk offender groups. This service is delivered in the custodial environment and the community and all within the HMPPS CFO3 programme of work



The Genus Project' - delivery of specialised support intervention for Children & Families on the HMPPS CFO3 reducing re-offending pathway, in partnership with Coventry University's Centre for Research in Psychology, Behaviour and Achievement. This is a multi-tiered family support intervention, with supporting group work programme, comprising of the Building Positive Futures Programme (in custody and the community) and individualised family support.


Other delivery since we started........

  • Wolverhampton Early Help Service, working with young people and with families, females and males of all ages on a 1-1 basis; seeking to prevent their entry into statutory intervention or support.
  • Provision of 1-1 support around high risk young people linked to organised crime and 'gun and gang' lifestyles
  • Working in partnership with Prospects/NCS to deliver conflict management training in prisons and specialist family support
  • PPDG, Pertemps People Development Group, providing specialist mentoring and employment support, across the West Midlands, to high risk and complex service users, usually leaving custody
  • Birmingham Safeguarding Services, providing 1-1 support to young people at risk of harm
  • City Deal, mentoring and employment support for adults, from many different backgrounds, into work and training
  • Plan C early intervention consortia commissioned by Birmingham Community Safety Partnership and Youth Offending Service; working with young people aged 11-17 at risk of involvement in gang violence and criminal lifestyles
  • Avanta/EOS/People First, working in partnership with the work programme provider assisting engagement with challenging and high risk service users
  • Boyz to Men' group work programmes aimed at engaging, educating and challenging younger men, particularly around their behaviour and approaches to females and relationships
  • The Father's Programme, delivered in partnership with Sandwell MBC - delivering 1-1 support to fathers, sons and daughters engaged with and/or affected by gang and organised crime lifestyles
  • Funded through 'Ending Gang & Youth Violence' monies, creation and delivery of mentoring based 'exiting' programmes for high risk individuals involved in urban street gangs and organised crime groups
  • Business development and 'back office' support for a voluntary sector organisation and successful bid writing
  • Development of a 'gender specific' female mentoring support programme in partnership with Birmingham Youth Offending Team
  • Training development and delivery in the field of 'high risk mentoring'



Representative activity:

  • Coventry University's Violence and Interpersonal Aggression group
  • West Midlands Police Independent Advisory Group on Domestic Abuse
  • West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioners Regional Gangs and Violence Commission


Company Status & Related Information : We are a not for profit company and do not distribute or share any funds with any other party. We re-invest any surplus back into developing our capability to deliver better outcomes for our service users and comply fully with all requirements under Community Interest Company and related Companies House legislation. A copy of our memorandum and articles of association are available on request and have been assessed by Sandwell Community Voluntary Organisation as fit for purpose.


Professional Advisory Group (PAG) and Governance:

The company is a fully incorporated and registered Community Interest Company (CIC) and has two subsidiaries Mentoring East Midlands and The Via Learning Centre. The CIC has one managing director and an unpaid Professional Advisory Group (PAG) to aid corporate decision making and strategic direction. There is a management committee consisting of the managing director, the company secretary and a treasurer that meet no less than four times a year. The managing director holds day to day responsibility for the operational activity of the organisation.


The PAG is not a board or committee and is not responsible for the operational day to day working of the company, it is in place to assist in the direction of the company and provide professional guidance and support where necessary. The PAG meet every quarter, the meetings are minuted and form part of the organisation's ISO 27001 management systems.


The company's annual Community Interest Company Regulators Report for 2019 is available on request.