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NCFE EQA report September 2021
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The Via Learning Centre:   


NCFE Approved Centre - CQ Licensed for Academic Year 2020/21 

(Approved Centre no: 8466009)


Since MWM started delivering specialist services over 7 years ago, there has been a focus on development of training and teaching products specific to the field of work. Initially this was focused on provision of internally certified training, however in mid 2016 we took the step of becoming a licensed NCFE training centre in our own right. Following that move, we have started to develop and deliver several accredited training courses which as of October 2020 includes:


Conflict Management Level 1 NCFE accredited (CM1) - we offer input for ex-offenders and those in custody and for those working in environments where conflict is something they have to deal with regularly. This training will be useful for all professionals working in the field of mentoring or the provision of any form of support to people where dealing with conflict is a regular feature.


Building Positive Futures Level 1 NCFE accredited (BPF1) - we offer a specialised learning version of a personal based solutions therapy intervention, aimed at ex-offenders or those in custody who are experiencing difficulties in their family and relationships. The content of this course has been developed in partnership with Coventry University and is designed to offer support and help in behavioural change, based around self-identified, areas of need which will be best addressed through small but consistent incremental changes.


Specialised Mentoring Level 3 NCFE accredited (SM3) - very much aimed at established professionals in the field seeking to develop core skills and knowledge to enable career development. Will include support and training aroung practice development and case management of complex work in partnership with the participant's management and place of work/volunteering. 


Life Skills & Preparation for Working Post Custody Level 1 NCFE accredited (LSP1) - the modules in this course are built around 'the best bits' of our delivery at this time. The content is highly relevant to moving people towards training and work; and those areas that we see as most relevant to working successfully with prisoners and ex-offenders in preparing them for life post custody and helping them retain employment.


Adverse Childhood Experiences Level 1 (ACE1) - Having worked in the field of 'trauma informed practice' for some time we have further developed work from a partnership with the expert training consultancy Rockpool to enable this workbook based programme to be now an NCFE accredited course. This is being delivered in custody and the community and will form a cornerstone element of practice around engagement with male and female ex/offenders, and people with all manner of backgrounds relating to social challenges. All will be keen to explore their cycles of experiences in life in a safe and supportive manner whilst using the outcome focused and solutions based approaches to stop future cycles of adverse experiences impacting their lives and those around them. 


External Staff CPD - As part of our external staff CPD training offer, we deliver various courses including Offence Disclosure (journey's to training and work for those with offending backgrounds) and Risk Assessement and Management (working with high risk service users) and a combined course of SM2 and CM1 which provides for those working in various ‘high risk’ environments and require skill development in working and mediating in live conflict situations.



To describe the Customised Qualification accreditation:


Our qualifications have been developed to meet the specific needs of our learners and have been accredited by NCFE demonstrating the quality and rigor.


Certification from NCFE:


On completion of the Customised Qualification, learners will receive a certificate of achievement. The certificate is evidence of the knowledge and skills gained by completing the qualification. This qualification has been accredited by NCFE under the Customised Qualification and the certificate of achievement will be issued directly by NCFE.


More training courses are being currently designed and developed and as a CQ NCFE licence holder we are able to develop bespoke training products specific to commissioner's needs. Please contact us to discuss this service further. 


Please see our most recent NCFE EQA report by viewing the PDF link above.  



NCFE accredited course specific information:


CM1 - The Conflict Management and Resolution Course is currently on offer to some adult service users through current commissioned provision, aswell as outside agencies by commission. The course (CQ10492) is a level 1 qualification, is set across 20 TQTs and contains 5 units:


CQ10492/001 An Introduction to Conflict Management & Resolution
CQ10492/002 Understanding Different Conflict Management Styles
CQ10492/003 Causes of conflict and dealing with conflict in different, positive ways
CQ10492/004 Managing a Conflict Scenario
CQ10492/005 Resolving conflict, the benefits and the way forward


This course is HMPPS approved for delivery within CFO3 provision and so within all Ministry of Justice establishments.


The courses are formulated from content bought together over many years of experience of working with and engaging hard to reach and challenging service users and will effectively equip people to start working within the field or apply skills within their lives.


BPF1 - The Building Positive Futures course is currently only on offer through our Genus Programme, delivered in the HMPPS CFO3 programme. The Building Positive Futures course (CQ10493) is a level 1 qualification, is set across 25 TQTs and contains 5 units:


CQ10493/001 Introduction to Personal Solutions

CQ10493/002 Personal Solutions

CQ10493/003 Personal Solutions, Thoughts and Beliefs

CQ10493/004 Communication and Listening

CQ10493/005 Consolidating Change


This course is HMPPS approved for delivery within CFO3 provision and so within all Ministry of Justice establishments. It is designed, in partnership with Coventry University, and has been developed to assist people in the formation, through solutions based brief therapy techniques, of personal solutions to help them incrementally resolve problems in their lives, relationships and families. This is currently delivered to people of all ages who commit all types of offences and is particularly useful in working with those who commit domestic violence, even more so when used within targeted family work.


SM3 - Specialised Mentoring Level 3 can be delivered to any party interested in gaining a professional footing in the field of work and wishes to engage in a level of training and development which will enable growth of skills and abilities relevant to career development. The qualification is achieved through classroom based learning, independent research with written assignments and work based observation with assessment. The course (CQ11208) is set across 3 units and a TQTs of 45 hours:
CQ11368/001 - Introduction to Specialised Mentoring  
CQ11368/002 - Conflict Management & Resolution
CQ11368/003 - Partnership & Safeguarding

LSP1 - Life Skills & Preparation for Working Post Custody This courses' modules are built around 'the best bits' of our delivery at this time that are relevant to moving people towards training and work and what we see as most relevant to working successfully with prisoners and ex-offenders regarding preparing them for work and helping them retain employment. The course (CQ10495) is a 5 module, level 1 course delivered across 31 TQTs:


CQ10495/001 Offence Disclosure

CQ10495/002 Managing and Resolving Conflict

CQ10495/003 Applying Personal Solutions

CQ10495/004 Debt and Personal Finance Management

CQ10495/005 Preparation for Employment or Self-Employment


ACE1 - Adverse Childhood Experiences This course's content is developed from the Rockpool Consultancy workbooks and programmes on 'Recovery Toolkits' people of all ages who have been subject to Adverse Childhood Experiences. The overarching aim is to provide a safe programme based environment for participants to engage in work around their own life journey with a view to assisting them develop skills to help not replicate negative experiences within their own lives and those around them too. The CQ11388 code is and the TQTs is 40 hours set across 10 modules for a level 1 course. 


CQ11388/01 - Understand How to Connect Safely in a Group Setting
CQ11388/02 - Understand the Impact Adverse Childhood Experiences has on Relationships
CQ11388/03 - Understand Toxic Stress and Ways to Cope with It
CQ11388/04 - Understand Parental and Child Resilience
CQ11388/05 - Understand Attachment between a  Parent and Child
CQ11388/06 - Understand the Importance of Social Connections
CQ11388/07 - Understand How to Manage Toxic Stress
CQ11388/08 - Understand the Impact ACEs has on Parenting and Child Development
CQ11388/09 - Understand What Can Make Healthy Relationships Work
CQ11388/10 - Understand How to Develop Actions for Future Lifestyle Changes