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TESTIMONIALS AND FEEDBACK.... What people say about what we do and how we do it....


Conflict Management & Resolution:                      Level 1 NCFE accredited

We deliver two versions of this course, one to prisoners and ex-offenders as a lifeskill and personal development approach and the other to statutory and non-statutory agency professional and volunteer staff to upskill them in the field.


'I enjoyed the role play and how real that was' - staff member


'It helped me to identify the skills I do possess to help address conflict. It made me aware of strategies to develop' - staff member


''(the best part of training)..Depth and detail of knowledge... ability to respond and answer questions with informed information' - staff member


'The role play was brilliantly delivered..' - staff member


'The course has made me stop and think more about how I deal with conflict and how I react to others. It has been really helpful, thank you' - ex-offender


'The trainer took the time to work through the details with me; it takes me time to read things and he was very patient' - ex-offender

















Specialist Mentoring:    Level 2 NCFE accredited

We deliver this course on a request only basis at the moment (Feb 2018) but there are plans to develop this during this year and next. This is a course aimed at staff of all backgrounds in the field of work to either develop skills to deliver improved mentoring services or as a quality assurance and development opportunity for agencies heavily involved in the delivery of services.


'This training took us off into areas of thinking and work which we've since accepted are very relevant to what we do and how we do it. It challenged us to think in a different way which has already proven to be of value' - senior staff member


'The role play was brilliant, so realistic and not like I've done before. I was nervous ahead of being involved in it but can see now what a great tool it was for me and the group to learn skills and reflect on them' - staff member


''Thanks for all your hard work, we all got a lot out of it. I in particular am doing a lot of reflecting and thinking about my practice and how I progress things from here' - senior staff member

















Building Positive Futures: Level 1 NCFE accredited

The programme is currently delivered in 12 prisons across several regions and we have an engagement, retention and completion rate of over 95%. There are plans in place now to work with the MOJ on achieving their accreditation; we hope that will be in place by mid 2018.


The 'BPF' programme uniquely brings together the learning and application of brief personal solutions therapy techniques in the context of family and relationships whilst providing an accredited learning outcome. The following were taken from our first evaluation report in May '17; that's to be refreshed by May '18; a copy can be requested via email.



'The programme has reformed me now - I am a better person now' Chad. HMYOI Deerbolt. April 2017


I can now look at the bigger picture and see things from others points of views and feel more confident about addressing issues in a positive manner. I have a different perspective on things and will be able to have positive relationships in the future. Michael. HMP Stocken. April 2017


'I have now learnt to talk to my family by using my personal solution ‘being open & honest’.  This has helped build trust with them'.  Rebecca. HMP New Hall.  May 2017


'I have surprised myself. I have gone through life always being the same and reacting to small things however now I’ve changed I want to continue to be like this'. Craig. HMP Ranby. May 2017


'It’s not the Elephants it’s the Ants (work on the small issues before they become big ones)'. Richard. HMP Humber. March 2017


'It has changed the way I think about things and what I want out of life'.  Ricky. HMP Lindholme.  April 2017


































Professional Staff Training: 1) Risk Management and Introduction to Working with High Risk Service Users 2) Offence Disclosure Support 3) Safeguarding

We currently deliver the above as professionally certificated training to agencies and staff and volunteers in the field of work.


''(name of organisation).. should use more as has extensive experience in criminal justice' - staff member


'I thought all the information was useful' - staff member


'The activity was engaging and interesting' - staff member


''(best parts..) open discussions/real case study/experiences. Ability to ask questions' - staff member


'The examples and information. Chris was brilliant' - staff member


'(best parts..) practical elements to the training to help solidify learning...' - staff member


'Programme content - excellent' - staff member


'(best parts..)The interaction in the group and the knowledge Chris has' - staff member